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Over time, outsourcing has transformed the way companies operate, leading to industry developments. The race to deliver the most affordable and effective service is increasing in dimension and pace every year.

Accordingly, outsourcing strategies have been rapidly evolving in a dynamic environment, giving companies that outsource (either partially or completely) their business solutions from reliable partners a competitive advantage over those that don’t. However, with technological progress in remote controls, software frameworks and cloud-based integration, there is a rising and exponential concern with data security, social responsibility and project management efficiency.

Keeping up with hi-tech revolution on a daily basis is not an easy chore. At times, technological tendencies that may be booming today, might be worthless and obsolete next year. Nonetheless, there are trends that predict which should be next year’s popular subjects.

Amongst our predictions in outsourcing industry trends, the following are the most relevant topics. Stay tuned!


1. Data Security as a TOP Priority


The development of new technologies has raised important security concerns, as the prevalence of the Internet of Things (IOT) is further exacerbating the risks involved with data security. A recent and remarkable highlight that illustrates this concern traces to the unfortunate event when hackers managed to steal 1.5 terabytes of commercial tv-shows and confidential corporate data from HBO.

This is only one of the many cases of cyber-theft that occurs on a daily basis. However, in 2018 the emergence of Security-as-a-Service, offered by security expert companies (all backed up by business process outsourcing companies), should become a leading trend in cyber security at all levels. Outsourcing agencies and companies will strive to protect data with advanced metrics, regardless of their size and location.


2. Wanted: Greater Efficiency


The outsourcing industry tends to provide more efficient services by automating processes. The focus shifts on increasing automation and scalability by developing reusable platforms, replicating useful techniques, and provide effective technical support for all kinds of processes.


3. Wider Automation of Business Processes

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Automation of processes is increasing the efficiency of business across multiple industries – project management has become easier, cleaner, and effortless.

It is providing increased productivity at a lower cost, by letting repetitive tasks be done by software instead of people. However, there might be an economic impact with the redistribution of manual and automated tasks. New agreements between sellers and customers need to be reviewed, and labor laws need to be amended in order to guarantee that workers are safeguarded.


4. Choosing Buyer-Oriented Contracts


Instead of following standard terms previously set by the seller, agreements are now being written according to each buyer’s needs. Companies obtain framed contracts with specific business conditions, adaptable to each company requirements.

For instance - if your company is aiming to develop an App that only needs to be developed in an Android environment - that can be specified in your contract.


5. Cloud Services and Hybrid Solutions


Cloud technology remains a popular trend for the outsourcing market, with more companies moving to cloud-based software next year. This will allow outsourcing companies to provide enhanced and innovative services, such as analyzing BIG DATA, which enables the understanding of needs from further customers. This will also lead to increased efficiency in business processes, therefore a higher turnover for all parties.

In addition, the usage of hybrid cloud is rising, since it provides an integrated service that is sourced in both private and public cloud solutions that cooperate to achieve each company requirement. It benefits business by bringing scalability of public services and security to private solutions.


6. The Rise of Impact Outsourcing


A new social responsibility model for business process delivery is expected to attract customers in 2018. The model aims to empower socially and economically disadvantaged workers in BPO centers. Besides, businesses that promote social responsibility and diversity will receive support via governmental grants.


7. Specialization and Talent Acquisition


In order to deliver high quality service on IT services, it is imperative to invest in the selective recruitment of specialists who are highly skilled and represent ideal profiles for each subdivision of the software industry. It is also likely that companies will increase outsourcing along with recruitment agencies to help both HR management and the building of better team policies.

Professionals might find necessary to stay tuned on on modern software languages, frameworks, and any groundbreaking technologies in the modern marketplace they find themselves involved in.


8. Better Software in Agile based Frameworks


The need for speed in business processes, combined with the need to constantly reduce management costs, is influencing companies to embrace Agile processes. In so doing, its rapid development cycles, communication improvement and better operational coordination will still prevail as one of the main technological trends in 2018.

Looking forward to improving your business solutions?

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