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Managing projects efficiently requires a high level of organization, control and efficiency. Team members must constantly improve their means of communication so that all the information shared is clear and precise.


In a working environment, efficiency is highly influenced by the methods each project manager uses to plan, coordinate and evaluate a project – especially if dealing with fast-growing technologies such as software development.

Fortunately, a project manager’s life has been significantly eased by the recent development of Agile-based tools. They conduct activities, assist processes, and manage a significant deal of information. In the following paragraphs we’ll give you a brief guide on concepts and tools you can start using to manage your projects.


What is Agile, and how can these tools help?

In 2001, a selection of basic principles for project management was gathered and converted into what is now commonly known as the Agile Methodology. This far-reaching philosophy opened doors to the foundation, development, and expansion of project management software.

All these tools exist with the basic intuit of managing cross-functional projects, big loads of information, and multipart teams. The purpose is to complete a given objective in a timely manner. There are numerous options available on the market – domestic or external, online or desktop-based, paid or free. Tools can be combined, although it is recommended for all information to be kept centralized.

For further information on this topic, check out “Agile vs. Scrum: What’s the difference?” and take a quick look at this new Agile Era.


So what Agile-based software would be best for my business?

We have made a list of some of the most popular Agile-based project management tools and its main features available on the market. Get to know each software’s strengths in the following paragraphs.





This is a collaborative web-based tool that uses the Kanban system which allows for you to share a list of tasks, requests, or goals. You can log in through a Google account and manage a list of cards (tasks) in different boards (projects). It allows for progress visualization, problem solving, and a strong collaboration between teams. Clients can also access this platform and assist their teams with walkthroughs and prioritization.


  • Its most popular functionalities are completely free
  • It's a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly platform


  • It shows a rather brief overview of each project
  • Obtaining statistics of data on the platform is not automated





Redmine is an open-source tool that covers the most popular project management principles. It is not exclusively designed for Agile methodology, but it is adaptable through its configuration. You can create sprints (projects), apply statistics, assign tasks, integrate with syn and manage bugs. Tasks can be handled from different perspectives. It is possible to associate a project with a syn and track each task progress in a very intuitive way.


  • Since it is an open source software, there is a community of developers that provide plugins. Therefore, this platform is constantly being improved.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • It can be repetitive and tedious to perform actions and other recurring tasks.

In order to install Redmine, your computer must be compatible with the Ruby on Rails application  





This is one of the oldest available web tools that allows for the creation and management of projects. With Basecamp, you can create a project with a team, insert sprints and assign tasks while overviewing their evolution. It is a simple, user-friendly tool to manage. However, it doesn’t provide a clear overview of each project, making it harder to keep track of details. Complementary tools can be used to overcome this issue.


  • Simplicity and user-friendly actions
  • You can comment on anything, which makes it easier to answer any questions your team or the client might have


  • Price ($50 a month is the cheapest plan). Chatting feature requires Campfire, which is an additional feature.
  • Hard to track issues and send tickets to each team member.



Asana Project Management


Asana is currently one of the most popular Agile-based frameworks on the market. Credibility is their cornerstone since its creator, Dustin Moskovitz, is the co-founder of Facebook. As such, users continuously submit outstanding reviews of Asana and praise its intuitive design as well as its functionalities. It allows managers to list their goals, and assign a deadline to each one, which helps develop priorities. You can also receive updates and overview your work in a calendar.


  • Neat organizational structure based on deadlines and priorities'Focus Mode' enables members to focus on one task, handling it faster and with increased efficiency


  • It can take quite a long time to load the first time
  • Asana free version does not include a Gantt calendar with starting dates



JIRA - by Atlassian


JIRA is amongst the most widely used tools for Agile teams around the world. It consists of an Atlassian web platform tailored for agile project management. This allows for the creation of collaborative sites for any project. It lets users build up stories, track the sprint backlog, analyze team performance, and manage the issue tracker, among several other features based on Scrum and Kanban methodologies.


  • It has hybrid functionalities, since it can inboard features from Scrum, Kanban, or a custom-made design
  • Good at organizing defectuous items and in triaging them effectively 


  • The “Admin Area” is complex and might be difficult to navigate and customize
  • Its flexibility and extensibility make it hard to be properly configured

Still not getting the difference?

Here's a table to summarize each project management tool’s most important features. Take a look!



Are you looking for an Agile-based software development provider?

Simplex is a global outsourcing software development company, that helps other companies building software products. Our team praises simplicity, transparency, quality, innovation and partnership.

With the help of the Agile Methodology and Agile-based applications, we make use of the latest technology to design software products that match your business ideas.


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