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Simplex Software

We’d like to tell you some of the things we like more about working in Simplex Software.

We have a flexible schedule and we can work from home from the first week. We can choose our working time, and most of us choose to start late maybe at 11 am or 12 pm because it suits our lifestyles. As we work mainly with clients in California, the timezone difference makes this time schedule perfect for them too.

Simplex Software’s founders are always around and open to chat about anything, they trust our work and the overall environment is laid-back.

We have the opportunity to develop our English skills first, because of the English lessons we can take, but above all, because we work in multicultural teams from people from United States, Poland, Canada, Croatia and more.

We have the opportunity to work in very challenging projects with cutting-edge technologies. Some of these projects entail using technologies such as cryptocurrencies and EOS based blockchain. We use agile methodologies that help teams to work very well, with unitary tests and with a low level of errors.

Because of all of these, we strongly recommend you to send your CV to recruiting@simplex.software to join us and be a Simpler!


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