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Simplex Software

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Simplex Software is a global software development outsourcing company that was founded in 2011. Originally having worked with companies in Argentina, in 2014 we began working with companies on an international basis. We then started to observe a steady influx of new projects worldwide, and since then have been focusing primarily on working with companies located in the US.

As of the beginning of 2018, we’ve now doubled the amount of employees we have and are looking to double it once more within the next two years. Due to the ongoing projects we have, and the new ones on the horizon, we’re permanently hiring for a number of roles including mobile developers, backend engineers, QA analysts and much more.

Currently at Simplex Software we’re hiring for a wide variety of engineer positions from our Buenos Aires and Junin offices, as well as remotely within Argentina.

We wanted to share with our followers a few reasons as to why we think you should consider working at Simplex:

  1. Our Culture - We value and prioritize a friendly and collaborative work environment. We look to form teams that enjoy working together and that enrich their skills and experience from one another. We encourage and accompany you in your desire to grow as a professional, and value your suggestions and initiative at all times, giving you room to express yourself freely. We try to always ensure that your day-to-day in working with Simplex is a productive and enjoyable experience.

  2. Ambitious Projects - The grand majority of our clients are located outside of Argentina, mainly in the United States. The projects we work range in scope from start-up companies building an MVP, to leading international companies offering applications to millions of daily active users. We’re constantly working on projects that involve the latest technologies, giving our developers chances to work in areas such as Blockchain and in languages such as Elixir, Golang and Kotlin.

  3. Collaborative work environment - Due to the nature of our projects, and the work ethic we aim for, our clients consider our developers as an extension of their team. You’ll constantly be communicating with clients that want you to take an initiative, to throw out your own ideas and suggest improvements, and overall be a crucial contribution to their team.

  4. Travel - For most of our clients located outside of Argentina, we encourage our engineers to meet them face-to-face. Depending on the stage of the project, we may plan for you to travel abroad for a week or two to work on the client’s premises. Our clients also travel frequently to our Buenos Aires office, so they get a chance to meet our team and get to know a bit of our city.

  5. Learning Experience - Even for the most senior developers, there’s still always something new to learn. We constantly hold company-wide cross-learning events, such as monthly lunch & learns, to give our developers a chance to share their knowledge and experience with each other. We also purchase and provide online courses and technical books/documentation on-demand. Finally, we offer professional English classes on a weekly basis to all of our employees when applicable.

  6. Events - As we aim for a comfortable work environment to ensure a productive and collaborative day-to-day, we always find ways to allow our employees a chance to unwind. We hold weekly and monthly events in our offices including lunches, happy hours, barbecues, LAN parties and more!

  7. Flexibility - Finally, we offer flexibility to our employees’ regarding their work schedule. Aside from offering home office, the work schedule is generally flexible due to the time difference with our clients. If you prefer to work a bit earlier or a bit later in the day, it’s not a problem since it generally lines up with our client’s working schedule.

These are just some of the reasons as to why you should consider working at Simplex Software Argentina. Take a look at our Careers page, and keep in mind that we’re constantly hiring proactively for different roles, so feel free to send your CV and get in touch with our recruiters!

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